New Project Relic gameplay trailer makes the wait until 2023 even harder

Project Relic, the indie action game currently in development at a nine-person studio, just dropped a new gameplay showing off impressive visuals, intense combat, and giant bad guys at the Future Games Show. 

Project Relic certainly looks like a faster, brighter, more colorful Dark Souls, with brutal hand-to-hand combat and bosses wielding huge weapons that can strike you from well across the combat space. When we first saw Project Relic gameplay in July, the footage featured similar settings, including the giant dual axe-wielding boss in the middle of a burning village. 

But there is some new stuff shown in this trailer, including what seems to be a different lighting scheme and a different boss battle that takes place in a forest with a glowing-eyed boss wielding an absolutely gigantic axe. Project Relic will let you choose from at least two playable characters: the sword-wielding Kamel, and Yan who has two glowing green blades in his hands. The first gameplay trailer suggested that there would be more playable characters to choose from, so keep your eyes out.

Project Relic is in the works at Project Cloud Games, a South Korean studio that has only nine developers. If the beautiful visuals and crispy combat didn't impress you, the fact that such a small team is producing what looks like a AAA game should. Project Relic is billed as a "multiplayer action game" but we still haven't see what the entails just yet. 

It's coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2023, so there's still a ton of time for Project Cloud Games to give us more details. 

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