New Prey trailer teases player choices and their nightmarish consequences

It's not just Morgan's gender that you can choose in Prey; developer Arkane wants you to make choices all throughout the game, from how you treat other survivors aboard Talos-1 to how much of your own humanity you're willing to sacrifice to become more powerful. It's all beautifully, horrifically expounded on in a new trailer:

I'm definitely getting a "high chaos vs low chaos" Dishonored vibe here - which makes sense, given that it's by the same studio. But what I like about it is that (so far) your choices don't seem to be associated with "good" or "bad." For example, it's not necessarily bad to embrace the alien powers and modify yourself, but you have to accept that if you do so, you won't be - strictly speaking - human anymore. Let's check out some other examples of player choice in Prey:

You're not alone on Talos-1. Other survivors of the alien infestation can be found wandering about, and they may need your help. Of course, whether or not they deserve it is up to you.

Not only are you not alone, you're not even the only Yu on the station. Your brother Alex is also alive, and he's got plans. Nefarious plans, you ask? Well, he is the CEO of the company behind all this…

Suppose you decide it would be really cool to become part alien so that you can use their shapeshifting powers. Besides the ethical implications, you'll also have to worry about being hunted by the hulking Nightmare creature, as well as being targeted by auto-turrets which will now recognize you as a threat. There's just no pleasing some people. Monsters. Robots. Whatever.

Whatever choices you make, it's clear they aren't just going to change a cutscene here and there. Now the only choice for you is whether you'll pick it up when it launches on May 5.

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