New pics and details on BioShock 2's upcoming DLC

I%26rsquo;ll gush on and on about BioShock 2%26rsquo;s setting, ambiance and story with you all the live-long day, but for me, the best part of the game was the harvesting. Or rather, setting up traps, blasting waves of Splicers and defending ADAM-siphoning Little Sisters.Each one was like a fantastic, action-oriented crescendo moment, not unlike the experience of alerting a massive horde in Left 4 Dead. So needless to say, the upcomingProtector Trials DLC pack, which focuses on just that, looks right up my alley.

Above: Slaughtering wave after wave of Splicers, nowwithout that pesky "story"

Projector Trials hits PSN and XBL on August 3rd to the tune of $5.00 (400MS), and it%26rsquo;s bringing along with it even more glorious methods of Big Dadditude (Did I reallyjust write that?), only now in a more streamlined fashion, similar to the supplementary Zombie mode players loved the hell out of in Call of Duty: World at War. Defending a harvesting Sister now unfolds in tiers with all new weapon-specific challenges where strategy will earn players more cash and more firepower. If that weren%26rsquo;t enough, the DLC will also feature six condensed single-player maps and seven new Achievements/Trophies. Happy Harvesting, to abiding men and slaves alike!

Aug 2, 2010