New Overwatch hero Moira has gone live, it's a great time to be any healer besides Mercy

The newest Overwatch hero's confinement to test servers is over: Moira is now playable everywhere across PC and consoles. The mad-science powered healer who was introduced at Blizzcon earlier this month uses a unique, almost vampiristic approach to dishing out pain and helping her allies. It's already making for some scrumptious Play of the Game moments like this one, starring Moira's kamehameha beam of life, death, and Lakers colors.

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Even if you don't want to try Moira, you should probably still log back into Overwatch today. Why? Because the day a new healer goes live is pretty much the only time you can count on at least one person on your team going support without everybody moaning about it first (Symmetra doesn't count). I usually play healers myself, but tonight… Tonight, I learn Genji.

The Healer Gods giveth and taketh away: this new update adds a 1.75 second casting time to Mercy's resurrection ability, which used to be instantaneous, and slows her down to quarter speed while she's at it. Resurrect can be interrupted by knockbacks, stuns, and Sombra hacks as well. She'll still be able to pop off clutch rezzes instantly during her Valkyrie ultimate, though. In other support news, Ana gets a little more hybrid appeal with a damage boost from 60 to 70 for her rifle shots (their healing power remains the same).

One more big change: one of the Arcade slots will now rotate on a daily basis, opening up intermittent access to modes like Limited Duel, Low Gravity, and Capture the Flag. I doubt anything will ever dethrone Mystery Heroes as my favorite Arcade mode but more variety is always welcome. 

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