Overwatch's new support hero Moira looks great but this Blizzard World map raises so many questions

Overwatch is getting a new support hero whose ultimate is a healing/hurting kamehameha beam. Her name's Moira and I haven't played her yet but - as an unrepentant support main - I already love her. You can get a sampling of Moira's abilities in the trailer above, though we don't know when we'll be able to play her outside of Blizzcon yet.

Moira's main attack is a long-range beam that drains enemies' health, giving her energy that she can use to heal her allies with a kinda gross (but still very helpful looking) biotic spray. She can send out bouncing "Biotic Orbs" with her choice of a localized healing or destructive effect. And finally, Lucio isn't the only support hero with serious moves: Moira's "Fade" power gives her some really nice mobility options for getting into position or out of trouble. Then there's Coalescence, which is that intoxicatingly cool looking power beam I mentioned before.

The other big Overwatch announcement to come out of Blizzcon was a unique new map: Blizzard World, coming early next year. Yep, Blizzard's finally making a theme park built around its many beloved series, but you'll probably be too busy pushing the payload to wait in line for an overpriced beverage at the Hearthstone Tavern. Take a look:

All of Overwatch's other maps have tied into and broadened the game's lore in some way; for instance, Eco Point Antarctica let us see what Mei's life was like before she got into the hero business. Whether or not Blizzard World adds much to Overwatch's story, it will be fun to fight through the gates of Stormwind without having to flag yourself for PvP.

Huh. Do you think there's a Heroes of the Storm ride at Blizzard World? With references to all of its Overwatch heroes? In the world of Overwatch? I think this Blizzard multiverse stuff might be getting out of hand... 

Connor Sheridan

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