New Overwatch emote lets you pet the cat (kind of)

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch Archives 2020 is here, and it's brought the unexpected. 

Meet Jetpack Cat, a Blizzard favorite that was ultimately scrapped because it was too ridiculous (odd, since they went with Wrecking Ball, a giant hamster in a rolly ball). A brand-new emote for Brigitte has her picking up the absolute unit of a cat and cuddling him - excuse me, I must stress how large Jetpack Cat is. Overwatch fans suspect Brigitte is over 6 feet tall when wearing her armor, and this cat is at least half her height when picked up and stretched out. I'll pause to let you picture a three foot long cat. 

It's magnificent, isn't it?

As we previously reported, this year's Archives event didn't bring any new story content for the first time in Overwatch history. While that's definitely a bummer, especially since the title has felt a bit neglected since Overwatch 2 was announced, it's nice to see Blizzard focusing on the little things - or in Jetpack Cat's case, the massive things. 

This year's Archives event also includes a World of Warcraft nod. Junkrat's new skin, King Jameson, gives him a crown, a jeweled gun, and a bundle of treasure as his rip tire. Tucked away in that bundle of treasure is a shield with the crest of the human kingdom Lordaeron emblazoned on it. Whether he's visited the World of Warcraft universe or just swiped some merch from Blizzardworld is up for debate…

The Overwatch Archives event is running from now until April 2, so you've got a little time to snag some cute emotes and great new skins, including a Holi Symmetra one that is honestly just beautiful. 

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