New Netflix movie Sweet Girl's big twist has the internet in shock

Sweet Girl
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New Netflix movie Sweet Girl has a particularly surprising twist, and it has the internet reeling. Major spoilers to follow!

Sweet Girl stars Jason Momoa as a man named Ray on a revenge mission against a pharmaceutical company named BioPrime, after its business dealings leave his wife unable to get a life-saving cancer drug. What follows is an action-packed, violent undertaking to unravel the web surrounding BioPrime, with Ray's daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) along for the ride.

Things take a strange turn toward the end, though, when it's revealed that Ray is actually Rachel. Yep, you read that right. At one point in the movie, Ray is stabbed, and the film then skips forward by two years. Ray actually died in the attack, and Rachel continued his mission alone – though we don't find that out until the moment of the dramatic reveal. 

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about Sweet Girl going full Fight Club.

One Reddit user felt the reveal meant the movie made more sense in retrospect: "Now I totally get the hate, but after the reveal it makes more sense in the fight sequences. the whole time I was screaming "come on Jason, use your height and weight to overpower this dude" that small detail to the story is what I enjoyed, and it made the re watch not too bad. It makes more sense after the reveal for some scenes," while another found the moment ruined the film: "This was pretty good right up to the big reveal. Momoa did a fine job here and everything mostly works. But again, the reveal kind of undid everything."

Another Redditor wasn't happy with the twist: "If it wasn't for the twist, it would have been another generic revenge movie. Without the very first scene, the twist just wouldn't work, so the twist was garbage to being with. Still not the worst movie ever, but i felt taken advantage of" 

Someone else on the site just found the whole thing confusing: "After the "big" reveal I didn't even know what was happening anymore, I hate films that does a transition like that."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, people could hardly believe their eyes.

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Whatever you think of the big twist, it's clearly got people talking.

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