New Mythos screens and gameplay footage

New screenshotsand new gameplay footage from Flagship Studios' MMO Mythos have hit the net.

Gameplay footage includes briefing on the game's races and character classes, while the screenshots come from a new content update that's just been released for the ongoing closed beta.

The update "introduces the Umbral Peaks and the towns of Mistglade and Arcled and includes quest content that will allow players to progress to level 30. New features include the introduction of a new Cyclopean character race, a crafting system, in-game mail, socketable armor, trinkets, and stat bonuses for skill tier investment.

"For the first time, players can participate in PvP dueling thanks to a dedicated PvP world, the Shadowlands."

Mythos will be free to download and play when it's released - which will happen at some point this year; the developer's yet to confirm a date - and is an MMO that won't fail to remind you of Diablo.

Watch the video now:

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 27, 2008