New Marvel’s Avengers demo details War Zones content, reveals secret level hidden in beta

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Fresh Marvel Avengers’ footage was unveiled during today’s Future Games Show, giving fans a deeper look at the game’s War Zone missions. These missions see you breaking into outpost-like vaults, where either you or up to four players are tasked with clearing them out. 

In each vault, you and your fellow Avengers will find yourselves facing three layers of security that need to be disarmed. This ‘disarming’ largely takes the form of hacking into a series of terminals, while you and your team fight off against waves of NPC attackers.

Director Phil Therian promises that it’ll be more challenging than this footage suggests, adding that these vaults require coordinated teamwork, demanding that you and your superquad split your focus between completing objectives and pummeling enemies. 

Why bother with these vaults, you ask? Well, as Marvel’s Avengers is an action RPG, taking the time to locate and clear these vaults will end up netting you and your team some juicy rewards.

With the game now only weeks away, Therian reiterates that his team is hard at work applying the final layers of polish to Marvel’s multiplayer adventure. Yet that’s not all that the team are working on. Therian confirms that he and the team are already putting the finishing touches on post-game content, as Crystal Dynamics and it's collaborators plan on keeping Marvel’s Avengers going “for a long time”.

Theiran also revealed that the Marvel Avengers’ beta has been hiding a secret in plain sight. It turns out that the hidden vault in the Tundra area of the beta is hiding more than one secret. The reason certain players have struggled to locate it, is because the entrance to this elusive vault is not always in the same location - but shifts between three different locations at random.

Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 4, with those who pre-order the game getting access three days earlier, on September 1. 

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