New Mario, Metroid and Zelda confirmed for Wii

Despite Wii making the headlines, DS was not forgotten with Nintendo senior vice president of marketing and communications, George Harrison, emerging from inside the stage to promise 100 new releases before the end of the year. And again, while the details were skimpy, there were plenty of big names to see in the shape of a basketball game named Mario Hoop 3 on 3, Star Fox DS, Yoshi's Island 2, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario vs DK: Match of the Minis.

Finally, all that was left to do was set up the now traditional four-player face off between Reggie, Iwata, Miyamoto (who opened the conference conducting an orchestra with the Wii wand ) and some random who'd won a competition to be there. The game of choice was Wii Sports, a primary coloured tennis, baseball and golf game that will go on sale at the console's launch.

Above: Iwata stepped up for a game of tennis in Wii Sports

Opting for a game of mixed doubles, the four took a Wii-mote each and demonstrated how you can swing, serve and even spin the tennis ball. Sadly, despite their promises about how intuitive it is to play, no one could muster much of a rally until Mr Miyamoto was declared the winner.

With the conference wrapped up, all that was left to do was gather our thoughts and notepads before running off to play all 27 of the Wii games that Reggie promises will be playable on the E3 show floor tomorrow. So remember to come back over the next few days, hours and minutes when we'll bring you the latest in playtests, screens and movies straight from the show.