New Lost Odyssey screens - found!

Sept 04 2007

A flurry of new Lost Odysseyscreens have appeared amid the launch of the game's official site, and it is clear to see that Hironobu Sakaguchi is pulling no punches when it comes to taking on his former franchise.

LO's techonology-meets-magic universe has already drawn direct comparisons to FF VII - but the stunning detail and scale of the Unreal 3 Engine environments make it seem an environment you could actually get lost in. Final Fantasy has never managed that.

Above: Down fanboy! There ain't no Midgar here

Similarly, the new combat shots boast monsters that actually succeed in looking monstrous. Weapon? With their Diamond, Emerald and Ruby varieties they're as harmful as Pokemon by comparison. Let's hope the actual fighting will be a lot more interesting than the turn based Dynasty Warriors bumph it looks like.