New Layers of Fear teased for 2022 in unnerving first-person trailer

Layers of Fear will return in 2022 according to an eerie new trailer from Bloober Team.

The aptly titled teaser is shot from the perspective of a painter seemingly arguing with the disembodied voice of his… ghost wife? The most important line in the trailer is scrawled on the end card in the final seconds: "Your fear will return," it reads, with 2022 penciled in, presumably as a release window. 

We don't know much else about this "yet-to-be-titled project," as Bloober describes it. It's being made with Unreal Engine 5 and will therefore likely be a new-gen or cross-gen release, but that's one of the very few facts Bloober's given out. It's obviously connected to Layers of Fear, as the teaser's title and description hammer home, but exactly how it's connected is unclear. It may be Layers of Fear 3, or perhaps some sort of reboot or spinoff, or it could be something else entirely. 

Back in July, Bloober Team CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski confirmed that the studio is actively working on two new games. One is a revised version of an old project code-named Black, and the other is more of a mystery. Bloober was previously working on a game code-named Dum Spiro, but this project wasn't in active development as of this summer. One thing we do know is that both of the studio's current projects are said to be "bigger in scope than The Medium," Bloober's most recent release. 

This update followed the news of Bloober's partnership with Konami, which will incorporate both new and existing IP. Layers of Fear was a Bloober original and there's been no word from Konami about today's teaser, so for now we can assume that this is another internal project at Bloober. 

The last time the Layers of Fear IP twitched was earlier this year with the Switch release of Layers of Fear 2.

Austin Wood

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