New Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory details include 140 tracks, local co-op, and more

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix has revealed a ton of new details for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory during Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online.

The Square Enix panel on the mobile rhythm game was aired in Japanese without subtitles, but regular Twitter translator @aitaikimochi (opens in new tab) translated in the panel in full. Firstly, there will be around 140 total songs in the rhythm game, spanning the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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Additionally, Square Enix revealed that Melody of Memory will feature multiplayer modes on local co-op between multiple devices. In this multiplayer mode, all competitors would battle it out on the same stage, in order to score the highest total score. You can also play Doubles mode, where you and another player can take on stages in a splitscreen mode.

Longtime Kingdom Hearts director and producer Tetsuya Nomura also spoke about putting a lot of effort into the game's camera movements, so that it wouldn't make players motion sick. Veteran Kingdom Hearts players will also be familiar with the controls that Melody of Memory employs, as it uses the same attack, jump, and interact buttons from the mainline games.

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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory launches for mobile devices, as well as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, at some point later this year, both in Japan and in the west.

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