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New Killzone: Liberation footage

Wednesday 30 August 2006
Set to storm PSPs in November, the little brother of the PS2 (and, eventually, PS3) war-torn shooter has been shaping up nicely since E3 - and we've got a fresh trailer and snatches of in-game footage to prove it.

Check the movies tab to satisfy your rag-doll death animation fetish - those Helghast goons need only a little high-impact encouragement to launch themselves over railings and walls - and also for a glimpse of the game's slick control scheme. Ordering your supporting soldiers about, for instance, is a simple matter of selecting context-sensitive areas, like a barricade to scramble for cover or an enemy to take a pot-shot at.

It all adds up to a game that feels like it's really been built for PSP, rather than just dropped on it - we're looking forward to a more extended tour of duty.