New IDW series Breath of Shadows introduces a rock star and horrors in the jungle

Breath of Shadows #1
(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

Sea of Sorrows and Road of Bones co-creators Rich Douek and Alex Cormack are teaming up for a new series from IDW Publishing in 2023. Newsarama can announce the five-issue limited series Breath of Shadows, which will also feature lettering by Justin Birch.

Breath of Shadows is set in 1968 and follows an internationally famous rock star who gets lost in the South American jungle as he attempts to curb his heroin addiction. In his lost state, he "discovers primal horrors that put his own inner demons to shame." 

As you might expect, the protagonist Jimmy doesn't have the smoothest trip - in any sense of the word. His perception of reality is slowly warped by his paranoia and hallucinations, making it hard for him to figure out what's actually happening versus what isn't.

"With Breath of Shadows, Alex and I wanted to continue exploring the dark themes we began with in Road of Bones and Sea of Sorrows," says Douek. "I absolutely love working with Alex - Breath of Shadows is the latest example of how our creative partnership has evolved over the years into something awesome, and I hope to be working with him for a long, long time."

Artist Cormack adds, "I've always been fascinated by the jungle. When Rich and I first started working together on Road of Bones, I told him that, along with a snow-covered landscape, I've always wanted to draw something on the ocean - which eventually became the foundation of Sea of Sorrows - and something in the jungle, which is now Breath of Shadows. I'm immensely proud of this book, and I hope it gives all of you the creeps!"

In addition to interior art and a main cover by Cormack, Breath of Shadows #1 will feature variants by Björn Barends and Francesco Francavilla. Check out the covers below.

Breath of Shadows #1 will be available in February 2023.

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