New Hunger Games image arrives

The gradual release of footage and stills continues to emerge from The Hunger Games like an ever-so-slightly-dripping tap, with a new image released by Lionsgate showing Jennifer Lawrence in action as franchise heroine Katniss Everdeen.

As with the teaser trailer before it, the setting still looks very lush with greenery, and Lawrence looks suitably badass as the bow-wielding Katniss. Although shouldn’t she have that string drawn back behind the ear? More archery training please Jen…

Meanwhile, Lionsgate execs have been talking to Business Insider about their vision for the franchise as a whole. “We would be disappointed if we didn't make three or four movies,” says CEO John Feltheimer rather unnecessarily, given that there are three books to be adapted.

President of movie production Ali Shearmur was also keen to stress that the film has to appeal to as broad a demographic as possible. “We weren't going to let the violence be gratuitous or the selling point of the franchise,” says Shearmur. “This is an emotional story about a young girl who sacrifices everything and sets off a revolution she never intended.”

Lets just hope Lionsgate don’t sanitise things too much, with the books’ unflinching grittiness having been a key component in their success. The Hunger Games arrives in UK cinemas on 23 March 2012.

George Wales

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