New Hot Tub Time Machine trailer

A second trailer for the new '80s-set comedy starring John Cusack, Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase has been released online by MGM.

Directed by Steve Pink, the writer/producer behind other classic Cusack vehicles High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank , Hot Tub Time Machine follows four miserable men whose lives have turned out a little differently to how they had planned.

Adam (Cusack) has just had his heart broken by his girlfriend. Lou (Rob Corddry) wants to party but doesn’t know where. Nick (Craig Robinson) has an overbearing wife, and Jacob (Clark Duke) is hooked on video games and won’t leave his basement.

When the guys rouse after a mad night of partying in a ski resort hot tub, they discover they’ve travelled back to the year 1986.

What will they do to change their unfortunate future lives?

Check out the new trailer here .

If we're honest, we miss the ‘80s, and think that there should be more movies centred around the decade that style forgot.

With Hot Tub , we're loving seeing Cusack back in that big-haired, neon-coloured-tights era - the very era in which he first found fame. And... a film in which characters find out what year it is by asking people what colour Michael Jackson is? We like.

No UK release date yet, but Hot Tub Time Machine opens in the US in March 2010.

Ready to go back in time? Give us a shout.

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