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New horror game to use Wii Balance Board

We've seen the Balance Board used in skiing games, fitness titles, and even some mini-game compilations. But developer MMV is now trying something completely different with the rather limited controller - a horror game.

Of course, if you're anything like me, the idea of working out is already pretty horrific. So maybe this won't be too much of a departure.

Ikenie no Yoru is what it'll be called in Japan. As revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the game features the story of a group of college students who find themselves in the middle of a haunted mansion.

Players will use the Wii Remote as a flashlight to explore the dark mansion, and apparently the Balance Board will come into play at some point. Famitsu didn't detail anything further.

If it involves running to escape the ghoulies or some such, it sounds like it could be a neat addition to the Balance Board repertoire. Apparentlythe gamealso has two-player support, which also seems unusual for the horror genre.

What other surprises could there be?


Dec 8, 2010