Dark Pictures studio Supermassive is hiring for an unannounced multiplayer game

House of Ashes review
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The Dark Pictures Anthology and Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is hiring for an unannounced multiplayer project.

Over on the studio's careers page, there's a listing for multiplayer game designer calling for applicants with experience developing multiplayer rules, combat systems, progression, and tutorial systems. "You will collaborate with design, engineering, art and animation teams to create varied and compelling Multiplayer systems, from combat to progression systems," the job posting reads.

Supermassive says the unannounced game is just one of several projects in development. One of those is The Devil In Me, the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology and the finale of the series' first season. This mystery unannounced project sounds like something different altogether, as there seems to be an emphasis on combat and progression systems that The Dark Pictures Anthology isn't known for.

While Supermassive is primarily known for its narrative-driven horror games, there's no telling exactly what type of game this unannounced title will be. The job description mentions the studio's passion for making "high-end cinematic games," so it sounds like it'll have a strong story element, but it also sounds like it'll have a more complex multiplayer component as well as some sort of progression system, which should be interesting to see from Supermassive.

The latest entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes, launched in October, taking players deep into an underground Mesopotamian temple during the 2003 Iraq War. Reviews are mixed, but GR managing editor Rachel Weber gave it 3/5 stars, praising its "FUBAR" final act, impressive mocap, and intuitive co-op systems.

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