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New Halo: Reach map pack is apparently called "Defiant". Step right up for all the blurry screens

One of the many winning qualities of the internet is its ability to host high-res images that make your pupils go positively wobbly at the knees (well, it that wasn't anatomically impossible). Unfortunately, you won’t be getting a single image with a respectable resolution here. Instead, what we can give you is brand new, leaked screens, which have apparently been taken from Halo: Reach’s latest map pack, Defiant.

Above: Here's a tip - squint your eyes really hard and these shotsare almost passable

Snuck out by unofficial Halo fan siteHaloDestiny(which is currently down), the tiny images apparently show off three newmaps from the rumoured, upcoming pack. First, we’ve got Condemned, which takes place on a human frigate. Next, is Unearthed, which looks to be set around a facility in the desert. And finally, there’s Highlands. Not only does the latter map show a huge Covenant craft glassing the space shit out of a planet, but it also interestingly poses more than a passing resemblance to Halo 3’s High Grounds.

Though the screens were quickly taken down from the fan site, you can still find all of them at thisFlickr account.

So, are you excited about the prospect of a new set of maps for Reach? Or are you reluctant about splashing out more MS points so soon after Noble Map Pack? Share the contents of your juicy brains in the comments section below.


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Feb 10, 2011