New Halo 5 trailer, and it's an eSport now because Microsoft says so

"Primed for players, perfected for pros." That's Microsoft on Halo 5: Guardians, showing in a new multiplayer trailer that it's pushing hard for this Halo to secure the series' presence in the eSports pantheon.

The video runs down a number of modes, including the 12v12vNPCs Warzone mode, but focuses on good old eSports-friendly deathmatches and Capture the Flag. You'll see lots of jumping, boosting, dashing, diving, and shotgunning in this minute and a half long trailer.

If that wasn't enough eSports for you, Microsoft's Gamescom stage show actually showed a full pre-recorded CTF match, complete with live commentators. We'll find out if the push pays off once Halo 5 hits Xbox One on October 27.

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