New Halo 3 maps priced and dated!

Bungie has revealed that one of the new maps in next month's Legendary Map pack, to be released on April 15th for 800 points, is based on the classic Sidewinder map from Halo: Combat Evolved.

Numerous changes have been made, including the removal of the back infantry hallways and the addition of vehicles from Halo 3, but the screenshots show the arena takes more than a fistful of inspiration from the original.

Speaking in an interview on Bungie's website, designer Niles Sankey stated why the company decided to recreate this particular map:

"Two reasons: Sidewinder is one the most requested remakes and we also needed another big vehicle map. And maybe this isn't the only classic we're remaking. There's always hope for said Internet Halo fan."

Check out these screens of the map Avalanche down below:

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 19, 2008