New Halo 3 handling hints

Monday 18 September 2006
The latest weekly update on Halo developer Bungie's site references a new control scheme for Halo 3, designed to make better use of the Xbox 360 controller's differences from the original (such as its ditching of the black and white buttons).

With Halo's mechanics built so successfully around the first Xbox's controller, it's reassuring to see that the series' switch to a new console has also taken the controller into account. But if you've racked up years of tournament play with the original set of schemes, fear not, as Bungie promises that it will be "including the classic [control schemes] too, and perhaps even some improved or new control variants".

It's not all about ergonomics, though. "There are some other changes that are game-feature dependent that I can't talk about yet," Bungie's news writer shamelessly teases - suggesting that the final chapter of Halo's war is going to require tactics beyond the shoulder-button grenade tosses and dual-wielding we love so much.