New Halo 2 maps out!

Bungie has released the promised two new multiplayer maps for Halo 2's still stupidly-popular multiplayer mode, though it'll cost yousome bucks to get your hands on them.

$4 is the asking price for the pair, which are both remakes of classic Halo arenas Hang 'em High and Derelict.

How do you get your hands on them? Bungie explains: "It's an original Xbox download, so there's no way to use MS points - and you WILL need an Xbox Live Gold account to download and play, since the original Xbox (even in BC mode) can't tell the difference between gold and silver."

"But you CAN use these on 360, just so we're clear. You just need to use a credit card for the purchase, instead of marketplace points."

April 17, 2007