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New Genshin Impact trailer tells the explosive story of Klee

A new Genshin Impact trailer sheds some light on Klee, the latest, most explosively adorable addition to the playable lineup.

The new "Character Tales" entry is told from Klee's perspective, explaining her, uh, challenging relationship with Jean and the rest of the Knights of Favonius. To Klee, the Knights are haunted by a bunch of mimics who come out at night to grab her and lock her away. To the Knights, Klee is a pyromaniac terror who is liable to blow up half of Mondstadt even as she tries to help its citizenry.

Klee's banner is going live today and you can try her out in trial missions before you start dropping Dreams on gacha pulls. You can also get a look at how she plays in this gameplay trailer from MiHoYo. The short answer is bombs. Bombs everywhere. To her credit, every Pyro character is liable to start some fires here and there in Genshin Impact's elementally reactive world. Most of them don't take quite so much joy in it, though…

MiHoYo also recently confirmed that it's planning to conduct maintenance on Genshin Impact on Thursday, leaving players unable to access the game for roughly four hours. As thanks for your patience, the studio plans to give out 240 Primogems (60 for each scheduled hour) once the servers come back online. These will only be given to accounts of Adventurer Rank 5 or above, so make sure you get playing if you haven't reached that point yet.

It's free-to-play, but Genshin Impact still managed to bring in $100 million in its first two weeks. 

Connor Sheridan
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