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Genshin Impact is rewarding free Primogems while servers are down

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Genshin Impact will be compensating players with in-game currency when servers go down for maintenance on October 22.

In a new blog post from the official Genshin Impact website, it shared that the developer will be performing update maintenance, during which the servers will be down for potentially four hours and you will be unable to log in to the game. To compensate, Travellers will be able to receive 60 Primogems for each hour the servers are down. If servers go back online sooner than scheduled, the full compensation will be given of 240 Primogems. 

To be eligible for a payout of free Primogems, you must be at least Adventurer Rank 5 or above in Genshin Impact before the scheduled time. So get levelling!

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Primogems are premium in-game currency that can be traded in the games’ Wishes menu to roll on unique items and playable characters. As Genshin Impact is a gacha game, Primogems can either be earned naturally while playing the game’s story or bought for real currency in the games’ shop. This special currency allows you to roll on special character banners that will give you a percentage chance on obtaining a rare character or item. Some rare characters in Genshin Impact are difficult to obtain, but are considered to be S-tier and, if you’re lucky, obtaining one could greatly improve your party gameplay.  

Developer MiHoYo has also just announced a new character Klee, who will soon be added to the game on October 20 as part of a new banner event. The Sparkling Steps limited-time banner will run from October 20 until November 11 and will give you the opportunity to obtain Klee, if you fancy giving your party a little boost.

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