New DSTLRY title Blasfamous explores the demonic cost of fame

Blasfamous #1 cover art
(Image credit: DSTLRY)

Experimental comic publisher DSTLRY has announced its next project, a dark comedy titled Blasfamous. Created by writer/artist Mirka Andolfo, Blasfamous takes place in a world where people trade their very souls for fame, popularity, and social media followers.

"In a world where pop stars have ascended to divinity and the masses bow in veneration to a new generation of viral superstars, angels and demons revel in a spotlight that grants them unimaginable power," reads DSTLRY's official description of Blasfamous. 

(Image credit: DSTLRY)

"Clelia, the reigning queen of pop, finds her throne shaken by a newcomer radiating with enigmatic charm," it continues. "As the public eye threatens to wander, Clelia and her demonic agent, Father Lev, are thrust into a battle for dominance on this exhilarating stage of music and mysticism. How far will they go to defend Clelia's hot streak and unravel the mystery of this sensational threat?"

DSTLRY has a unique publishing model in which its digital releases are only available for direct download for a short window, after which they can only be purchased on the secondary market from collectors looking to sell their digital copies, creating a simulation of the physical comic book aftermarket.

(Image credit: DSTLRY)

"With each of my series I love conjuring new fictions of fantasy and wonder wrapped around some of the hottest sociological issues we face in reality," Andolfo says in DSTLRY's official announcement. "Blasfamous picks apart what it means to worship - whether it's a prophet or popstar. It's also a new opportunity to draw some of the most lavish and exhilarating spectacles of my career, with an oversized canvas to make every page truly sing."

Blasfamous #1 goes on sale in December with two covers by Andolfo herself.

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