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New Dragon Age DLC will hit the underground

Anyone else concerned thatdeveloper BioWare would stop releasingdownloadable add-ons for Dragon Age: Origins now thatDragon Age 2has been announced? Don’t worry, Ferelden faithful, BioWare hasus covered.New DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, titled Golems of Amgarrak, is set to hit August 10.

Above: We would say that this guy rocks, but that joke is too easy

The description on BioWare's site says you'll be meandering through new environments, meeting new characters and defeating never before seen creatures. We're also being promised an engrossing new storyline and challenging puzzles, and that’s somethingwe think we can all enjoy. Better yet, the site lists the game as “an advanced challenge for even the most experienced adventurers,” so stomping through Darkspawn will be a little rougher than just letting your own rockhead Shale mop the floor with everybody like he typically did in Origins. We are all for that.

It looks like a smaller production than the recent Leliana’s Song DLC, running only about $5 when it hits XBLA, PSN, and PCs in two weeks, but more Dragon Age now is certainly better than waiting until next March. It’s cool, BioWare, you just keep that stuff coming.


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Jul 28, 2010