New Burnout 5 images arise

Best be quick getting a look at these screens, as they've already been pulled from GamePro's website but remain on another for the time being.

Little is known about the fifth installment of Criterion's aggressive racer on 360 and PS3. But we do know it'll be a much more open experience than ever before and the HD Eye Toy and Vision Cam will play some part in gameplay.

How do we know this? We sat down with director of design Alex Ward, which you can read more about here.

The first screens seem to have been taken from a magazine preview that has since been removed from the host's website. But with the internet being the breeding ground for scanners like it is, you can still find the shots here. Hurry though; we're sure the internet police are closing in...

(Note: The first screen at that link with the orange car crashing is from Burnout: Revenge,the rest are from Burnout 5 proper.)

April 4, 2007