New Alone in the Dark confirmed

The Alone in the Dark name might have been irreversibly tainted when it was made into one of the worst film abominations to ever hit theaters, but Atari's not giving up on its horror franchise just yet. The publisher today announced that the fifth installment of Alone in the Dark - previously announced for the Xbox 360 - will also hit PCs at the same time. (And while the company hasn't made an official announcement, we're guessing the PlayStation 3 will fit into those plans as well.)

When that will be, however, Atari isn't saying. The publisher has also kept quiet on other details of the game, although we do know the next Alone in the Dark will feature an "open environment," an "original game structure designed to appeal to a mass audience." But if previous games in the series are any indication, you'll probably spend a lot of time shooting and running scared from creepy-ass monsters, all while being confronted with buckets of gore and an ever-growing sensation of dread. (Our fingers are also crossed that it'll have nothing to do with the nonsensical military-vs-invisible-monsters movie plot.) With any luck, we'll see more of this one next month at E3.

April 12, 2006

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