New Ace Combat 6 tactics revealed

Oct 4, 2007

Along with a whale's buttload of gorgeousnew screens for Ace Combat 6, Namco Bandai has released some tidbits of info on new tactics available for couch-mounted wannabe pilots. From the press release:

Read-Ahead Fire: Normal missile fire is done by locking on to nearby enemies and launching missiles that pursue their target. While this approach of air-to-air combat is suitable for eliminating most enemies, it requires the player to spend valuable time getting closer to their opponents. Advanced players can utilize "Read-Ahead Fire" to predict the path of their enemy and fire missiles from long-distances without needing a lock-on. This tactic requires precise flying and strong knowledge of enemy flight patterns, but can quickly devastate an opposing fleet if properly executed.

Close-In Explosion: While "Read-Ahead Fire" provides a very precise way of dispatching aerial enemies, sometimes opponents are too fast and elusive for this tactic. If players are having a hard time hitting their enemies, they can utilize the "Close-In Explosion" feature to fire from a less than optimal position and still have their missiles damage the enemy plane. This tactic does not inflict as much damage as a direct hit, but mitigates the risk of missing due to quick turns by the enemy or a weak lock-on.

High-G Turn: Modern combat planes are stabilized via computer control, delivering a smooth and safe flight for the pilot, but limiting the overall maneuverability of the plane in emergency situations. By temporarily overriding their flight computer (holding the left and right trigger on the Xbox 360 controller), players can execute a "High-G Turn" and make extremely tight cornering maneuvers, but risk stalling their plane if they hold this extreme flight pattern for too long.

Mid-Flight Landing %26amp; Midair Refueling: Introducing massive battle areas with multiple combat fronts, Ace Combat 6 forces pilots to strategically manage their arsenal and the condition of their plane. Some missions will feature more enemies than players can destroy in a single load of missiles, in which case they can either take on the remaining foes with machine guns alone or attempt a challenging mid-flight landing on an aircraft carrier or occupied airfield. One mission will require the player to execute a mid-air refueling. By carefully docking with a refueling plane, players will be able to continue their mission without risking their safety by landing and taking off in the middle of a battlezone.