New 360 pad?

Tuesday 15 August 2006
Microsoft has hinted that it might release a new Xbox 360 pad which would be more suitable for playing first-person shooters.

The tech giant believes that its pads don't offer the same level of performance for FPSs as PC users get with a mouse and keyboard, Microsoft's product unit manager for hardware, Robert Walker, told attendees of the Gamefest conference in Seattle.

While ruling out the possibility of an Xbox 360 mouse and keyboard, Walker said that Microsoft is looking at ways of changing the right analogue stick to allow for more precise movement. He then said that this modified controller wouldn't replace the standard pad, but would be an additional option for gamers.

While nothing is confirmed Microsoft has proved in the past that it is always looking to improve existing ways of controlling games; the company was quick to introduce the S-controller for Xbox when some consumers found the original pads too bulky.