Need help beating the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid? Here's how to cheese the final boss

At this point, finding exploits in the Destiny franchise is as big a part of the game as looting engrams or riding Sparrows. In the original Destiny, players tricked Atheon into falling off a ledge and thus killing himself. In The Dark Below, it was discovered that a precisely-timed disconnect of a LAN cable could defeat Crota. And now, in Destiny 2, a group of players have figured out how to use exploits to beat (or 'cheese') the final boss in the Leviathan Raid.

"Ready for Crota Part Deux," Reddit user o7yourdesires' post explaining the exploit begins, and yup, it certainly sounds like the good ol' days of unplugging a LAN cable are back. If players disconnect at the right moment, all the enemies (other than the boss itself) fail to spawn, making the fight much easier. It's a bit tricky to get the timing right, but a video breakdown shows the process so you can follow along:

Here's how you pull off the cheese: Five players run up to Calus, while one stays a safe distance away. Calus' stomp attack should kill the five players near him simultaneously. Once those five players are dead, the sixth dies by standing in the blue fire near the door. At this point, the suiciding player must log out or go to orbit in the small window between when the "all players dead" countdown screen reaches one second and the fade to black.

It sounds hard, but it seems that if you choose to go to orbit when the countdown clock is at four seconds, the game should process the request at the right moment.

If the trick worked, the five players who were stomped will spawn back into the room, and all doors will be open. At this point, the player who disconnected can safely log back in / re-enter from orbit. No additional enemies will spawn, so all you have to worry about is Calus himself.

Those of you who've done the fight already know that there are still threats beyond additional enemies, but I won't spoil it for those who've yet to try their hand. After all, the thrill of taking on a Raid is supposed to be its difficulty - so if you're going to use this cheese, I suggest you only do so if everyone else in your group is onboard and you've already beaten Calus once legitimately. As long as you're not hindering others' enjoyment of the game, cheese away. Make fondue. 

Sam Prell

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