NCSoft launches "free" online RPG

Dungeon Runners, a multiplayer online RPG that can be download and played for free, has been launched by NCSoft.

In a nutshell, it's a fantasy romp where you bash monsters and collect loot and features a classless character development system - although you initially select your character from a number of traditional RPG archetypes like fighter and mage.

NCSoft explains that the game is very much action-focused "with limited death penalties and endless gold, weapons, armor and magic items available to claim after defeating hordes of monsters."

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While you can play for free, there's a membership level costing $4.99 per month that gives you the likes of log-in queue priority, access to the game's most powerful items, weapons and armor, bank storage for up to 220 loot items and the ability to stack potions in one slot to save on loot room.

However, NCSoft says that the free level gives access to "large chunks of the game's content."

More details here.

May 29, 2007