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NBA Live 08 review

Soaring to the rafters while keeping your knees intact


  • Easy to play
  • International tourneys
  • Historic all-star teams


  • Controls aren't tight
  • Mediocre visuals
  • No franchise mode

Oct 4, 2007

Plain and simple, the initial prospect of playing a hoops sim on the Wii scared the daylights out of us. Having flailed and swayed at more than our share of Wii Sports, we naturally assumed that a basketball version of the same thing meant a long winter rehabbing our torn ACL or shredded labrum. However, it turns out that EA didn't build their first b-ball title for Nintendo's new-generation console with anything of the sort in mind. Sure, you'll flick a wrist here and there to take care of business on the court, but breaking a sweat or making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon won't be in your near future.

Of course, every Wii game is centered around unique controls, and Live is no different. The simplified-to-the-point-of-autopilot Family Play controls let Grandma fly as LeBron while Uncle Phil posterizes Junior with a vicious Kobe dunk without more than an occasional wave of the Wii remote.

Plugging in the Nunchuk turns on the so-called Advanced settings, which give you a little more control - if actually being able to move the players in the direction you want can be considered "advanced." At no time will you come close to holding the puppet strings you'd normally enjoy in more traditional hoops games. We're not saying this is all bad, of course, but be warned that things are very different than in other b-ball games.

More Info

DescriptionAdvanced settings gives you more control - if moving players directionally is considered 'advanced.'
Franchise nameNBA Live
UK franchise nameNBA Live
PlatformWii, PSP, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date1 October 2007 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)