NBA Live 07 - hands-on

What do you do as a follow-up to a bona fide hoops smash hit? At EA, the answer is "More. Lots more" (Side note: we love competing videogame sports franchises). Just as last year's NBA Live 06 reintroduced the star power of the flashiest, dunktastic players in the world, this fall's NBA Live 07 promises to focus even more on highlighting the unique aerial escapades and lockdown stopping skills of your favorite cagers.

Pro basketball, after all, is a sport that relies on its stars more than any other. Let's face it - if your name isn't Shaq, Kobe, Dwayne, LeBron, Duncan, or Big Ben, your team ain't gonna win the NBA championship (or be shown on a whole lot of national telecasts). These guys and other mega-talents get to represent via an enhanced Total Freestyle Control that looks to help break some ankles and bust some glass.