NBA Live 07 - hands-on

This year's All Star Game is in Vegas, baby, and that's where you'll head, too,for NBA Live 07' s lauded All Star Weekend. In addition to the game itself, there's also a chance for you to show off your outside shot in the 3 Point Shootout, check out what the youngsters are all about in the Rookie Challenge, or go wild in the Slam Dunk Contest. You've got some nutty options here, what with balls bouncing off of Jumbotrons and cranes to pull of the most ridiculous slams imaginable. Again, though - be prepared to spend some time mastering the challenging dunking controls. We felt pretty foolish for awhile making poor T-Mac flop all over the court 'til we got the hang of it.

It almost wouldn't sound like basketball without the inimitable Marv Albert's trademark "Yes!", and he's along for the ride again this year with his pal Steve Kerr. They provide the courtside game commentary, while ESPN chips in with real-world score updates and radio podcasts (provided you've got an internet connection, naturally).