NASA discovers Pac-Man on Saturn moon

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft recentlycaptured a temperature map of Mimas (opens in new tab), one of Saturn's moons, as part of the globally-supportedCassini-Huygens mission (opens in new tab). Massively interesting as that is, we wouldn't be writing about the accomplishment if the image reflected the expected "smoothly varying temperatures." It doesn't. Instead, NASA's astronomy geeks got a chance to reference both Pac-Man and Star Wars in one post, an opportunity we imagine they relished. But it really does look like Pac-Man:

Above: Pac-Moon!

Of course, the amusing reference isn't actually the discovery - according to NASA's post, "scientists were completely baffled by the Pac-Man shape." It's a for reals scientific mystery, and Pac-Man just happens to be the best descriptor for the anomaly. Either that, or we should all hope that Mimas has enough power pellets to save us when the space ghosts come.

Above: Wakka wakka

Mar 29, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer