Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

We're assuming that if you've clicked this far, you're familiar with Ultimate Ninja's minimalist control scheme; a button for primary attack, one for projectiles, and one for Chakra powers, along with the requisite block and jump. Luckily, it's just as blissfully simple and chaotic as ever, widely considered to be a far better treatment than most of its other licensed contemporaries titles get.

But that doesn't mean Namco Bandai has simply slapped a "3" over the title and took a long lunch. Nay. In addition to character upgrades and the ability to customize your characters with the Ultimate Jutsu of your choice, they’ve also thrown some new methods of assault your way. Speaking of Jutsus - who wants to see Naruto in Nine-Tailed Fox mode?

Summoning mode turns your character into a colossal beast with chargeable attacks. Be warned, you can’t block when assuming the form of a giant creature, so you’re still vulnerable to adversarial damage. But if you time your attacks just right, it’s significantly harder for an opponent to jump and deliver blows and stay on the defensive.