Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

Believe it or not, Naruto's got another game for that ass. Not all that surprising, sure, but at least they'llcontinuethe welcome tradition of throwing even more goodies into a recipe fans already can’t seem to get enough of. Ultimate Ninja 3 will not ceasethe pile on. All you loveis retained, and just about everything you could want is present and accounted for. Wanna see the intro?

Thought the last two games had character? Well, UM3's got 40 of 'em- playable that is- making it the largest selection yet on a home console. They've also rounded out the stages to an even 20. Strewn with power-ups as always, these multi-tiered arenas contain a little more detail and feel just a little bit bigger than before.

If that's not enough fan service for you, the series is following a trend we're really digging on: including the English and original Japanese voice overs. At last, a quiet peacecan been achieved between Toonami viewers and fan-subbers. Now shut up and fight!