Naruto: Path of the Ninja - hands-on

Sept 17, 2007

Asoften as we've seensomeglisten ofrole-playing ambition in past Nartuo games, it's finally set to take the center stagein the DS' upcoming Path of The Ninja. Scrounging for items and turn-based battles are the name of the game here, and for many fans, this'll be cause for much celebration. If you've ever cared for the storyline at all, and we're assuming you do otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, thenPath could be your bowl of noodles.

Path's initial hours mirrored some of the most memorable moments from the show, such as an encounter with a messianic tyke named Konohamaru. And the maddening questions posed by Kakashi in the training feilds, are a great way for Naruto, not to mention Sakura and Sasuke, to learn the ropes of being a genin junior ninja.