Naming all the characters on the Green Arrow #1 cover

Green Arrow #1 cover art
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The upcoming new Dawn of DC era Green Arrow ongoing series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Sean Izaakse features a huge cast of supporting characters, all of whom are featured on a massive cover for April's Green Arrow #1 with 17 characters in all.

So who are all these heroes and villains? Williamson says the cover "is full of clues as to what happens" in the series, so we've got a breakdown of who everyone is right here, following the numbered guide image:

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1. Green Arrow

That's the star of the show, Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow.

2. Black Canary

This is Dinah Lance the Black Canary, Oliver Queen's longtime paramour and crime-fighting partner.

3. Roy Harper

Once called Speedy, then Arsenal, then Red Arrow, Roy Harper is Green Arrow's original protege.

4. Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke is Oliver Queen's long-lost son who became the second Green Arrow after his father's death in the '90s.

5. John Diggle

This appears to be the comic version of John Diggle, a main supporting cast member of CW's Arrow show.

6. Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo is a classic Green Arrow villain and longtime member of the Suicide Squad who can warp sensory perception.

7. Merlyn

Evil archer Merlyn is one of Oliver Queen's greatest rivals.

8. Red Canary

Red Canary, who is inspired to be a hero by Black Canary, is one of the newest characters on the cover, having just debuted in the recent Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event

9. Lian Harper

Lian Harper is the daughter of Roy Harper and Cheshire with a troubled childhood, and who recently returned from the dead, older than when she died.

10. Arrowette

The daughter of the original Arrowette, Cissie King-Jones is a member of Young Justice who upholds her own superheroic archery tradition originally inspired by Green Arrow.

11. Emiko Queen

Emiko Queen is Oliver Queen's half-sister, born of Oliver's father and the assassin known as Shado.

12. Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is a bizarre assassin who only speaks in descriptive sound, who once tried to kill Connor Hawke.

13. Cheshire

Cheshire is a highly-skilled assassin who once had a love affair with Roy Harper, leading to the birth of their child Lian Harper.

14. Peacemaker

A violent, gun-toting vigilante, Peacemaker is a one-man army and another longtime member of the Suicide Squad.

15. Mia Dearborn

Mia Dearborn is the latest teen hero to inherit the mantle of Speedy, Green Arrow's classic sidekick.

16. Brick

Brick is one of Star City's toughest crime bosses with skin as hard and thick as his namesake.

17. Hal Jordan

This appears to be a projection of Hal Jordan's mask, which could be meant to resemble one of his Green Lantern constructs, or could be a reference to his time as the ghostly hero the Spectre.

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