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My Wife The Actress review

According to sportswriter Yvan (writer-director Yvan Attal), all actors are "hysterical wackos". He should know - - he's married to one.

Of course there are advantages, like getting the best tables in restaurants or being let off speeding tickets, but they're nothing compared to the downside. Especially when that downside is your wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg) falling for her co-star (Terence Stamp) while making a film in England.

Semi-autobiographical in tone (Attal and Gainsbourg are married in real life), this Anglo-French comedy potters along amiably enough, hopping between romantic Paris and rainy London while poking gentle fun at the acting profession.

It's hard to escape the feeling, however, that Attal is too much in awe of his partner's glamorous lifestyle to view it objectively - and a subplot involving his pregnant sister does nothing but weigh the action down. Pleasant and entertaining, but in a frothy, forgettable way.


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