My Time at Sandrock multiplayer open beta details revealed

My Time at Sandrock screenshot
(Image credit: Pathea Games)

Desert-themed life sim My Time at Sandrock is getting its first multiplayer open beta starting next week, followed by a multiplayer early access launch in late March.

The follow-up to My Time at Portia had a multiplayer closed alpha last August and an open pre-alpha test in September, but this is the first time the new 4-player mode will get an open beta, and it comes with a bunch of significant new features. The open beta will add new monsters, a new planting and mounting system, and a town management system that lets you move out of town. Furthermore, the max commerce level will increase to 20, and there will be "more multiplayer quests and features unlocked at each level."

The open beta will be available for all My Time at Sandrock players from January 12, 7pm PT / 10pm ET through January 20. That gives you a week and change to dig into the new and distinct multiplayer mode, which acts as a prequel to the single-player mode, as well as all of the open beta's new features.

In the Steam announcement (opens in new tab), Pathea Games said that "if the playtest runs well" the multiplayer mode's early access launch will happen in early 2023. And while progress won't carry over from the open beta to the early access build, Pathea teased "multiplayer events" which will let you earn rewards to be redeemed "later."

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