MultiVersus patch finally fixes Taz’s much-maligned Tornado ability

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

A MultiVersus patch has finally fixed the much-maligned Taz and his Tornado ability.

Pushed live to all platforms today, on July 26, the new update for MultiVersus makes some much-needed adjustments to Taz’s abilities. Now, the Tasmanian devil’s Tornado ability will no longer leave players stunned and unable to counteract any incoming damage.

The developers at Warner Bros. acknowledge the chaos Taz’s ability was causing but write that this new patch should reduce its overall effectiveness. The duration of the tornado itself has been reduced, and one of the many hits from the tornado has been eliminated. The knockback from the final blow of the tornado has also been reduced, as has the hit pause from all the many hits from the ability.

Elsewhere in the new patch for MultiVersus, it turns out Velma was accidentally assigned one of the heaviest weight settings in the game. Having had her weight score reduced from 70 to 63, Velma is now no longer one of the heaviest characters in the brawler and has been brought “more in-line with where we originally envisioned her,” according to the patch notes. 

Last week, when the early access open beta period for MultiVersus kicked off, developers on the game first became aware of just how broken Taz’s ability was. Game director Tony Huynh immediately reassured fans that the team was working on a fix and just yesterday revealed that the ability tweak would arrive when the game went into full open beta today (July 26).

Later today, anyone on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox platforms can get in on the MultiVersus action. Along with the arrival of the open beta is MultiVersus’ first post-launch character: LeBron James, who also happens to be the first player wielding a basketball in the action-packed game. From the wording of the patch notes, it seems that WB could have more basketball-wielding stars lined up for the coming months.

If you’re getting to grips with the new brawler today, check out our guide to the best Perks in MultiVersus for all the characters. 

Hirun Cryer

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