Multiplayer delays Sacred 2 to Sept

Jan 2, 2008

Hack 'n' slash RPG sequel Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has been delayed to September 2008. Originally, the game was set to release on PC and Xbox 360 in Q1 this year.

According to Sacred 2 developer Ascaron, optimisation of the "crucial areas of multiplayer gameplay and balancing" are primarily responsible for the delay.

MD Heiko tom Felde has explained that every single area of the game will be polished, "allowing us to deliver the quality which is expected, rather than striving for an early release."

Sacred 2 is a Diablo fan's cup of tea. There are goblins, a crap-load of items and a massive, seamless world that Ascaron says will take you more than six hours to run across.

More details on the sequel can be found in ourpreview.

Courtesy of CVG.