Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger kick off Marvel's Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited: Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger
Love Unlimited: Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following the premiere of Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus, Marvel launched a new Infinity Comic anthology series on Marvel Unlimited, beginning with a six-issue series starring Kamala Khan herself… and Red Dagger, AKA Kareem, who's been spotted in Ms. Marvel trailers since March.

Love Unlimited will release a new issue every Thursday, with each story featuring a different beloved Marvel couple. On June 9, the six-part Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger series will follow the pair as they decide whether to reveal their true identities after sharing a kiss and discovering their unparalleled chemistry during a series of theft investigations. Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger is written by Nadia Shammas and illustrated by Natacha Bustos.

Love Unlimited: Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger

Love Unlimited: Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

After this first limited series concludes, writer Marieke Nijkamp and artist Federico Sabbatini will explore Viv Vision's first big love – the kind that makes her feel like she's about to malfunction. Following her story, writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Nick Roche will follow Millie Collins in Millie the Spy, after she's recruited for S.H.I.E.L.D. and immediately bumps heads with her new partner.

Love Unlimited will continue with X Loves of Wolverine, wherein Logan takes a risk and gets tangled up in what's possibly the greatest love of his very long life. He's had a number of iconic romances throughout X-Men history, including Storm and even Red Sonja, though his feelings for Jean Grey have always been the most prominent. Writer Sean Kelley McKeever and artist Diogenes Neves will have plenty of Logan romances to build from, even if his new love is a completely original character.

Finally, Hulkling and Wiccan will finish off Marvel's Love Unlimited anthology series. The fan-favorite couple will be written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by tokitokoro as they attempt to deal with Hulkling's alternate-reality ex-boyfriend shows up and makes it even harder for the pair to move past the trauma of falling in love with other people in this alternate reality. Plus, a space pirate needs their help, so all of this basically means that their post-wedding bliss is being tested all the time.

Love Unlimited debuts on Marvel Unlimited June 9.

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