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The most mispronounced game names EVER [ClassicRadar]

Yggdra Union

You say: Wige-dra, or nothing at all
Should be: Igg-dra

We could have sworn Yggdra was something other than a princess in this game, but after nine pages of google results we have to assume that it never existed in human language until 2006, certainly not in another language that might elude our basic internet searches. [Ed.: it's most likely a derivate of Yggdrasil, the world-tree of Viking myth, whose name translates literally from Old Norse as "Frightful Horse".] As for the name itself, just pretend its an I instead of a Y.


You say: Asta-nax, Astee-annex
Should be: Uh sty uh nacks

This rigid, plodding side-scroller stars a hero whose name comes from Greek mythology (read more about that here) and, like so many other NES games on this list, completely stopped all 10 year olds in their tracks. We werent sure which of those three options was correct, but according to the Wikis use of the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), uh STY uh nacks is the proper way to say it.


You say: Wee, but grandmothers and aunts say Wye, The W2
Should be: A cooler name than Wee, but its too late for that

Not much to say here. We all get it right away, we were there the day the Revolution died and became the Wii. But millions (upon staggering millions) of Wii owners out there ask for it by the wrong name, somehow unable to pronounce the thing they simply have to own. Wed like to think that by this point Wee is a worldwide certainty, but theres probably still some uninformed parent wondering why his kid wants a tax form for Christmas.


You say: Poke man, Poke mans, Pookimun, Pokey men, Pockey mon
Should say: Po-kay-mon

Perhaps one of the most commonly mispronounced words in the whole of human existence, weve heard so many tragic variations of pocket monster that weve become unable to call them by their true name. After so many years of mangling, Poke mans is completely acceptable even in non-ironic situations. Pokemon: Let us show you how to pronounce them.

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Got far on Sinny Moira yet? Have you been Mugging Souls, or imported Poyopoyopoyo... Poyo... that cat game? What amusing mispronunciations have you encountered lately, is the question we're getting at.

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