Watch Mortal Kombat Xs sweet old lady murder a man

Talk about O(A)P. NetherRealm’s latest Mortal Kombat X patch adds a ballistic buff to the background character known as Blanche. This little old lady can be plucked from the Outworld Marketplace stage and swung at opponents, and while she’s been in the game since launch, part of bevvy of interactive stages which includes throwable corpses, swingable vines, and fireable, uh, fire, she traditionally slumps to a heap on the floor after lending a hand. Not any more.

Now Blanche has a Brutality. To trigger it, use at least two interactables (bits of the level you can use in a match) and get the final hit with her. Then, hold down after the throw and she’ll leap at your opponent, arms outstretched, and maul them to pieces. Standing up afterwards to calmly wipe the blood from her face. That’s for forgetting her birthday.

Here’s the moment a group of fighting fans who need to calm down used the move in a match:

Let’s hope there are more Blanche Brutalities to discover, like her tipping a bucket of molten soft mints over someone’s head, or slicing their throat with a razor-edged bus pass. Seniorality!

Ben Griffin
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