More Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Jackson to Produce Two Hobbit movies
Seems like Newline and Peter Jackson have settled their differences according to . The film company has announced that Jackson wil produce not one but two films based on the Lord of the Rings prequel novel. Two? Hobbit 1: There and Hobbit 2: And Back Again , perhaps? "I'm very pleased that we've been able to put our differences behind us," said Jackson. "We are delighted to continue our journey through Middle-earth." No director(s) have been announced. But what's the betting Neill Blomkamp, the guy was supposed to direct the ill-fated, Jackson-produced Halo movie, is in with a shout after he polished off District 9 .

Hero to get Hitched
Ali (Niki) Larter has annouced her engagement to actor Hayes MacArthur, reports Digital Spy . Larter has been reported a saying it was "love at first sight" when she first got a butchers of Hayes, who has had guest roles in shows like Medium and How I Met Your Mother.

BBC Yet To Commission More Sarah Jane
Despite the show getting record breaking viewing figures on the CBBC channel, The Sarah Jane Adventures has yet to be given a greenlight by the Beeb for a second series, Russell T Davies revealed to Newsround . "We hope it's coming back, we don't know for definite," says Davies. "We're preparing for it. We're writing scripts. Liz [Sladen] is very excited, we're raring to go. So hope and pray that it does return, because I love that show and I think it should run and run." It'd be strange if the show didn't come back considering the controversy over the future of children's TV - the BBC would have to come up with a very good excuse for not recommissioning a show that was a critical success, a ratings success, and fulfills their remit for quality programming.

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